College Students Take a Gamble

College Students Take a Gamble

College Students Take a Gamble

Posted by: Marilyn Rule on Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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In 2014, a state-wide survey was conducted at four-year public universities and two-year community colleges by the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring (OSAM) Network to determine the gambling behaviors and beliefs of college students in Ohio. Of the 396 student participants, ages 18-25 years old, 100 attended school in Toledo.

Students reported the most prominent form of on-campus gambling was related to sports betting. While betting on drinking games, such as beer pong at local bars and house parties, was the most mentioned type of off-campus betting with peers. According to the survey, 27.6% of the students gambled more when using alcohol or other drugs, while 16.7 used more alcohol or drugs when gambling.

46.7% of the students stated a belief that “gamblers could win more if they used a certain system or strategy.” While almost 19% believed that “after losing many times in a row, you are more likely to win.”

Lastly, 51.5% stated that “gambling at a casino is more risky than buying lottery tickets or pull tabs.” Beliefs are not facts. Research indicates that all these statements are myths.

To learn more about the study, CLICK HERE.

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