Play It Safe

Play It Safe

Play It Safe

Posted by: Marilyn Rule on Tuesday, December 8, 2015
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Play it Safe

Gambling has become a very socially accepted activity in our community. Most people who gamble are recreational, low risk gamblers who can enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment. They understand there is rarely a financial gain but can enjoy the thrill of taking a chance.

Low-risk gamblers establish acceptable amounts of money they can afford to lose, set a time limit to gamble, and stick to their plan. Low-risk gamblers do not continue to gamble or return the next day to try to win back their losses. If a person is “chasing” a loss or spending more time and money than intended to gamble, a good strategy may be to take a break and look at their gambling behaviors.

Remember, gambling is a personal choice. Most people don’t think about gambling ever becoming a problem or potential problem in their life. So play it safe. If you choose to gamble, make low-risk choices and balance the amount of gambling with other social activities and hobbies.

If you or someone you know would like to discuss gambling choices, email or call 419-841-7701 ext. 6058.


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Have you ever...

Lied about how much time or money has been spent gambling? Borrowed or sold things to get money for gambling? Skipped work, school or family events to gamble? Gambled due to depression, being bored, or stressed? Gambled more to get the same excited feeling? Argued with family about money and gambling? Hid bills, winnings, or losses from family? “Chased” the losses? Been preoccupied with gambling?