Problem Gambling and Crime

Problem Gambling and Crime

Problem Gambling and Crime

Posted by: Marilyn Rule on Friday, January 29, 2016
Problem gambling

With the increase of legalized gambling in all but two states, Utah and Hawaii, the activity has become a social norm for most people, however not without controversy. With widespread gambling, the number of problem gamblers grows and is accompanied by an increase in crimes related to gambling.

Some problem gamblers who have exhausted their own resources begin borrowing from family, friends, and business relationships. Gamblers often feel they are borrowing other people’s money until they can win back what they have lost. The borrowing frequently takes on the form of theft as the gambler is unable to repay the loans. Whether it is stealing from family, “boosting” items from stores to sell for money to gamble, or “white collar” embezzlement, the crime has an impact on society.

INCREASING crime is a well-documented companion of legalized gambling."  To learn more go to

Gambling is a personal choice. Know the risks. If you or someone you know would like to discuss gambling choices email or call 419-841-7701 ext. 6058.

There is hope and free treatment available to gamblers and their loved ones.


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Lied about how much time or money has been spent gambling? Borrowed or sold things to get money for gambling? Skipped work, school or family events to gamble? Gambled due to depression, being bored, or stressed? Gambled more to get the same excited feeling? Argued with family about money and gambling? Hid bills, winnings, or losses from family? “Chased” the losses? Been preoccupied with gambling?