Toledo Gambling Pledge

Toledo Gambling Pledge

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If I Choose To Gamble...

  1. I will be aware of low risk gambling choices. 
  2. I will learn to recognize high risk behaviors and signs of potential gambling problems
  3. I will promote awareness of problem gambling and tell others about treatment options available in my community.  

Please note that by taking the pledge your info is kept confidential and you will receive occasional educational emails.

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Have you ever...

Lied about how much time or money has been spent gambling? Borrowed or sold things to get money for gambling? Skipped work, school or family events to gamble? Gambled due to depression, being bored, or stressed? Gambled more to get the same excited feeling? Argued with family about money and gambling? Hid bills, winnings, or losses from family? “Chased” the losses? Been preoccupied with gambling?