Low Risk Gambling Guide

Low Risk Gambling Guide

Low-risk gamblers know that over time, nearly everyone loses.

The recreational benefits of gambling can be found in the excitement of taking chances, the thrill of the occasional win, and the fun of being with friends.

Regardless of age, gender, race, or social status, gambling can become a problem for anyone.


If you choose to gamble, know the risks. The decision to gamble is a personal choice. Here are some Low Risk Gambling Choices...

  • Setting how long to gamble before starting
  • Setting acceptable losses before starting to gamble
  • Believing gambling is not essential for having a good time
  • Not borrowing money to gamble
  • Not using alcohol/other drugs when gambling
  • Knowing there are times not to gamble
    - When trying to make up for a loss or a series of losses
    - When betting more than a set limit
    - When gambling interferes with my work, school, or family responsibilities
  • Knowing there are certain reasons for gambling that put the gambler at risk for problems
    - While dealing with loneliness, anger, depression, or while under stress
    - When trying to impress others
    - When trying solve personal problems


Have you ever...

Lied about how much time or money has been spent gambling? Borrowed or sold things to get money for gambling? Skipped work, school or family events to gamble? Gambled due to depression, being bored, or stressed? Gambled more to get the same excited feeling? Argued with family about money and gambling? Hid bills, winnings, or losses from family? “Chased” the losses? Been preoccupied with gambling?